Holiday Magic In A Pandemic

Holiday Magic In A Pandemic

The holidays are tender times.

Even though many of us will not be able to share the holiday with friends and family this year, we can still take time to appreciate what we have and reach out to friends and loved ones to let them know the joy they bring into our lives.


The magic of the holidays is all about the moments we create. Gift giving is more than the physical objects it’s about showing love and appreciation to the people in our lives. The gift itself is secondary compared to how it makes our family and friends feel.

Consider curating holiday packages to send to family, friends, neighbors or nearby homeless shelters. Not only will it give you something to focus your energy on, but research shows giving back and showing kindness can actually boost your mood and help you live longer.

Surprises give an instant lift and are long remembered. Write a letter or call a friend and tell them how much they inspire you. Package up dog treats for furry friends. Drop off a favorite coffee order to a friend. Leave a note and festive homemade gifts like chocolates, cookies, vinegars, jams, jellies, soaps, candles in mailboxes for recipients to find.


Practicing gratitude is a common holiday ritual for many. Instead of missing out on the tradition, organize a family video chat. Keep it simple and ask everyone to share something or someone they’re grateful for. If you want to go deeper, engage in a gratitude meditation with the family. Gratitude can shift your energy as well as your perspective. Let this beloved ritual bring you closer and remind you of all that you hold dear.


Perform random acts of kindness like buying coffee for the person behind you in line. When you’re kind to another person, your brain’s pleasure and reward centers become activated, almost as if you were on the receiving end of a good deed. Psychologist call this the ‘helpers high’ and it’s certainly one reason why generosity seems to spark more generosity.


Remember that our mental health and that of those around us is particularly vulnerable right now. While the holidays are times to connect, maybe this year you’ll be connecting in a series of zoom celebrations or one massive one. Maybe you or people you now will be alone. Find new ways to send some extra love and kindness to people in need in your community. Donate food, money and goods where you can and send out love wherever you go! Serving others serves you. When we volunteer our time or reach out, we feel energized, optimistic and joyful.


A welcoming, soothing environment at home warms the spirit. Bring the outside in with fresh boughs and garlands. Gather beautiful candles and keep the energy in your space uplifted. Play holiday music. Fill the air with aromatherapy holiday scents. Unplug and tuck in with a good book. Snuggle in pajamas all day and watch movies and set intentions for the New Year ahead.

Let us be kind to ourselves and uphold one another so we can all rise in celebration of a holiday season and a year of transformation and expansion.

T’is the season friends.

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  1. Thank you for the pandemic inspirations Cheryl. Love the ideas for spreading joy at any time of year but now more than ever.

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