The insanely simple daily journal to intentionally become who you want to be

By Cheryl Wilson-Stewart
Illustrated by Claire Moore
US$ 21.99/CAD$ 29.99

OH MY WORD includes:

  • Daily inspiration from leading visionaries.
  • The OH, MY WORD 5-minute Daily Ritual.
  • 130 suggested intentions in 6 important categories: personal growth, life balance, creative expression, emotional fulfillment, spiritual growth, success + achievement.
  • Evening Reflection question to end the day with gratitude and a joyous heart. 

Transform negative thought, ease anxiety and cultivate Joy.

Where to get yours:

If you’re ready to Zap the anxiety, amplify the joy in your life, and become the person you’ve always wanted to be… remember, you can do it with ONE WORD.

OH, MY WORD journaling doesn’t require any special art supplies. You likely already have everything you need. However, if you are looking for a few things to refresh your supply, here are some recommendations.


Prismacolour Premier Coloured Pencil Set

Purchase on Amazon here

These pencils crayons are artist quality – soft and easy to blend. Although there are only 12 in the tin, their smudgy and blendy quality means that you can make a myriad of other colours by layering them on top of each other. Downside is that the points can break easily but look after them and they will serve you well.

Black Widow 24 Piece Unique Colour Pencil Set

Purchase on Amazon Here

These pencil crayons offer some subtle and gorgeous colour choices. Sharpened they will give you a fine point for details but also offer blending options. There are a few different box choices so check out the scorpion and cobra boxes as well.

LIHAO 48 Gel Pens Set

Purchase on Amazon Here

This gel pen set offers the best value. Forty eight pens in regular, neon, metallic and sparkle. What else could you want??


Uni-ball VISION Rollerball

Purchase on Amazon Here

A black pen is useful to outline words and give then a sharp edge. This 4-pen pack is a good value. The 0.7mm nib is fine but not too fine. It will be easy to work with.


Staedtler Pencil Mars Lumograph 12 Piece Set

Purchase on Amazon here

This is a great selection of drawing pencils. The 8Bs will give you luscious dark marks and lines and the 2B – clean visible lines – Lots of potential for smudging and creating “blurry” letters.


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