About the Journal

About the Journal


Each day is a blank canvas. You are the artist, the author, the driver, the creator of your life. By choosing an intention and drawing it on the page, you are causing the neurons in your brain to fire in new ways creating new neural pathways. You are actually rewiring your brain.

OH, MY WORD distills what you desire down to simple intention. This is where change happens.

With your thoughts, you are creating the person you want to be and the life you dream of.

The one word intention, becomes your guidepost as you move through the day. You will remember it, feel it and live it.

Most importantly, you will feel great right from day one.

The journal has three daily sections:


Daily Message from a leading visionary to give you a quick boost and inspire your day.


A five-minute Daily Ritual when you choose an intention, draw or write the word(s) filling the page and making it colourful.


An Evening Reflection question ends your day with gratitude, a joyous heart and ready for sleep.

Today, give yourself permission to be the You you’ve always wanted to be.

The benefits of using the journal:

  • Retrains your brain to think in new ways 
  • Interrupts negative thoughts and replaces them with positive ones you choose 
  • Sets the tone for the whole day when done first thing in the morning 
  • Creates a visual history of your intentional journey that you can look back on

What’s inside Oh, My Word journal:

  • The Science behind the OH, MY WORD journaling method.
  • The Four Pillars:
    • THOUGHT – every thought you think creates your reality.
    • CHOOSE – you choose who you will be in every moment of every day.
    • INTENTION – is the catalyst for any change you desire.
    • TODAY – is where your power is.
  • How to choose your intention
  • 130 suggested intention words in six important life categories; Personal Growth, Life Balance, Creative Expression, Emotional Fulfillment, Spiritual Growth, Success + Achievement.
  • 90 days of fresh inspiration, Daily pages and evening reflection questions.

Where to get yours:

If you’re ready to Zap the anxiety, amplify the joy in your life, and become the person you’ve always wanted to be… remember, you can do it with ONE WORD.

How it began:



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