1-1 + small group coaching

1-1 + small group coaching

Are you ready to change your life with OH, MY WORD journaling? But find it difficult to start or stick with a new habit?


Research states it takes a minimum of 21 days of consistent, daily effort to imprint a new behavior and establish a new habit.

This can be difficult for many of us. Getting into action is one thing, sticking with something so it moves from ‘good idea’ to routine is another.

Change is often met with resistance and a loud inner voice that provides an abundance of reasons why not to and multiple ways out. “Why are you doing this?” “This isn’t going to work.” “You can’t stay focused.” “This is foolish.” All attempts at change are over before anything has begun.

Sound familiar?

If this sounds familiar, I’ve got you covered! I’d love to invite you to work with me, Cheryl Wilson-Stewart, creator of the OH MY WORD journaling method, in small group or 1-1 coaching to establish a daily OH MY WORD habit that can change your life. I can help you overcome your mind’s resistance, navigate the stormy seas to get you safely over the initial hump and onto dry land and new possibilities. PLUS I’ll teach you how to awaken your inner 6-year-old and (re)learn how to play which is an integral part of OH MY WORD journaling.


Together we will have more fun than you can imagine while making your new journaling habit stick!

Small Group + 1-1 Coaching with Cheryl

Small Group

You will establish your OH MY WORD journaling habit working in a small group of like-minded people. Over the course of 4 weeks, you will learn to quiet your mind, maximize your daily practice to make it a powerful presence in your life, let go of what is holding you back and tap your inner 6-year-old who is integral to making the daily practice wildly transformative.

200.00 CDN / 160.00 USD

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1-1 Coaching

Group not your thing? You can work with me 1-1 to imprint your new habit and change your life. Think of this as intensive care that’s fun. You will enjoy daily uplifting and positive reinforcement to keep you on track and feeling good. 1-1 coaching is limited to 3 clients at any given time so I can really get to know you and give you the time and personal attention you deserve.

325.00 CDN / 260.00 USD

I’m Your Personal Accountability Partner

Sometimes all we need is a partner to walk alongside us. Maybe you suffer from anxiety as I did, or you are stuck in a rut you can’t get out of, adopting an OH MY WORD journaling habit can profoundly change your life.

When I first developed this journaling method for myself I felt uplifted on the very first day and the benefits kept increasing as I learned to choose the thoughts I wanted to think and use them to interrupt the negative loops that played over and over in my head keeping me trapped and unable to move forward. I’ve since seen people go through a radical transformations in just a few weeks as they choose their thoughts and learn to ‘move’ them from the intellect into the emotions where change takes place.

I’ve seen hopelessness replaced by joy and fear replaced by wonder, curiosity and positive action. I’ve witnessed people start to become who they truly are.  I can’t tell you how exciting that is!

Giving people tools and partnering with them as they apply has been a focus of my professional life. From working with teachers and students to develop creativity and critical thinking, to leading think tanks with organizations to uncover who they are and why they exist, to supporting women as they navigate the transition to Life 2.0, helping people move forward is what excites me most. You can read my full bio here.

I will be your personal partner for 4 weeks and make sure you get on track and stay there. I promise you it will be fun and inspiring. The best part is your life will be changed forever.

Ok! Let’s get started.

If you’re ready to Zap the anxiety, amplify the joy in your life, and and become the person you’ve always wanted to be… remember, you can do it with ONE WORD.

Choose your 4-week coaching package below and I’ll be in touch with next steps!

If you have questions or want to dig in a bit deeper drop me an email at: [email protected]


When I first saw an ad for this book, I was excited to order it and try it out. When it arrived, I did not want to write in the book. Instead I wrote in a blank book. But I only did one page then the book just sat there. I reached out to Cheryl and let her know that I was having trouble getting into the journaling. She asked if I would like her to be my accountability coach.

I decided to try that, she sent me an email and gave me tips on how to just let go and listen to my inner child. I went ahead and got over writing in the book. I set a time every morning to think about the day and the first word that came up I drew. It was not easy at first but then it just flowed. Having Cheryl give me her insight and input was the best. She let me know that there are no wrong or right words. Plus, there is no judgement in how good I draw.

Having her input helped me to better understand this process. I know that if I did not have the accountability the book would still be sitting blank. Plus, I would still be anxious. I still deal with depression and anxiety but, when I feel anxious I can visually see my daily drawing and it changes my focus and I am able to calm down.

I am so grateful for this book and having Cheryl as my accountability coach.

– Evelyn B

I have difficulty sticking with something so having an accountability partner really helped. Working with Cheryl I learned to let go of the perfectionist side of myself and the desire to make the page look ‘good.’ I got out of my head and into my heart as she likes to say, and everything clicked. I feel like I’m learning to play again. My word comes back to me during the day and it influences what I do and how I see things. Cheryl gently reinforced all the messages: don’t think too much – take a breath and let the word come to you-channel your 6 year old ’artist’- there is no ‘right way to do this only your way – have fun – all the while reminding me of the science behind it all. It was like working with a friend who was fully invested in me.

-Susan N

I’m glad I chose to invest in the coaching with Cheryl. I had already started doing my journal, but it allowed me to gain a better perspective and clarity about how to make it work for me. After the 4 weeks of coaching, I feel much more comfortable and relaxed as I complete my daily page. I’m allowing my inner 6-year-old to come out and play and find myself being a lot more creative as I am move forward.

-Kelly M

I looked forward to my coaching session every week. My Oh, My Word habit has taken off! I understand how and why it works. I know how to ask my inner wisdom for my daily intention and I’ve (re)learned how to play when I put it on the page. I feel good. I see evidence of it working every day. My anxiety is eased, and I feel like I’m becoming ME. Cheryl is like a warm, fun friend.

-Cynthia P


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