The Science Behind OH, MY WORD

The Science Behind OH, MY WORD

When we understand something intellectually (in the left side of the brain) and then make it “experiential” by moving it into our emotions (in the right side of the brain), we are providing the life-giving fuel our intentions need for liftoff. This happens when we draw and color the intention word. It is then we can think and feel the thought. When we experience the thought, we can change. 

This experiential process actually rewires the brain, causing the neurons to create new patterns and producing a chemical that the body remembers as we move through the day. We’re also creating what scientists call “thought interruption,” in which the new positive thought interrupts the negative, disempowering thought that was demanding our attention and disables it. The positive super-charged intentional thought then powers through the congestion and gets to work.


A recently published study in Current Directions in Psychological Science by researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, found that drawing has a “surprisingly powerful influence” when used as a tool to help the retention of information in the memory, something the researchers have dubbed the “Drawing Effect.”

Scientists also tell us the act of taking deliberate action, such as making a drawing, creates the energy needed to move the intention (or thought) into the prefrontal cortex of the brain, where it is able to move from thought to action. Bingo!


When you do the simple five-minute Oh, My Word! daily ritual, it alters the brain, causing the neurons to start firing in new ways. The mind remembers your intention and is on the lookout for ways to manifest and make it concrete.

You think it. Feel it. Live it.

You are actively creating who you want to be by using a single word.


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