Author Bio

Author Bio

This chronicles the journey of Cheryl Wilson-Stewart and how she went from a career in television to creating OH, MY WORD a daily journal to help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Hi! I’m Cheryl …. How would you describe your path? Straight? Curvy? Meandering? Mine has been a zig- zagging, multi adventure hike.

The first 20

The first 20 years of my professional life were as a TV host in Canada, and later a film and television actress. After working my way through commercials, episodic TV, movie roles and several of my own series I retired in 1996 with my first Gemini nomination. A good time for a graceful exit!  One of my all-time favourite series was one I did for CTV (a looong time ago) called ‘Just Kidding’ where I interviewed kids using a hidden camera. They told me all kinds of things like how to find a husband or wife, what love and marriage is really all about, tips on dating, navigating your first kiss, picking stocks, running a country… you name it. They had thoughts on all of it. Very funny stuff.


I lengthened my name by adding a hyphen and a ‘Stewart’ and shortly after my amazing daughter Kelly joined the team. This was a fun, crazy, heart pounding time of life, when I found out I knew almost – nothing. Very humbling.

Jumping into the deep end

I founded a company with Claire Moore (my good friend and the illustrator of OH, MY WORD) that designed Arts based programs developing creativity and critical thinking in youth. We worked with students, conducted professional development with teachers and authored several curriculums used throughout the world. Playfulness sparks creativity whether you’re 8 or 80.

The grown-up version

I took the same strategies that unleashed creativity in young people, made them more (playfully) sophisticated and worked with organizations, shaping their corporate vision and creating messaging to support it. The learning here was deep as I discovered there is little difference between an individual and a large corporation, we only achieve a state of ‘becoming’ all we can be when we know who we are and live it every day.

Bringing it home

Aaahhhh midlife…a chance to restore, rejuvenate, refocus…that is until the questions begin! Who am I? What’s next? What’s my purpose? What do I want?  My own experience combined with that of everyone I knew prompted the creation of The Red Shoe Zone a community for women transitioning to Life 2.0.  Here’s where I connect, research, blog and speak on topics like Finding Passion and Purpose, Rediscovering Your Fearless Self, Saying YES, Breaking Busy and Finding Joy.

Where I learned the most

Along the way I had the opportunity to be a founding member of two charitable organizations raising millions of dollars for each. I was able to see the quality of life improve for kids with life threatening illnesses and people with Type 1 diabetes. I was blessed to work with outstanding, selfless individuals who dedicated their lives to serving others.

Behind the shiny facade

While the outside had a highly polished shine it masked a raging inner struggle. For almost as long as I could remember, anxiety had been my very annoying and disabling sidekick. If you’ve experienced this, you know it’s like being held hostage by your own negative thoughts that loop around and around, becoming the loudest voices in your head. After trying many strategies to break the loop, I thought this was just who I was. My family and friends simply accepted me as this tightly wound, anxious person. BUT this wasn’t me. This was not who I wanted to be. What I longed for was … joy…. real joy that bubbled from a calm, peaceful, loving heart. One day as I sat at my desk, I doodled the word Joy on a 3 X 5 recipe card and coloured it. I felt a tiny flutter of excitement as I worked on my mini canvas. Whatever was happening felt good. I began doing what I called ‘heart doodles’ every day. That was 6 years ago. Suffice to say that anxiety no longer hangs out with me and I am becoming the peaceful, joy-filled person I always wanted to be.

Random fact….

I’m a dedicated dog lover and have a special spot for rescued greyhounds. 

My Mission….

I’m passionate about helping as many people as I can to create joyful, fulfilling lives. The number of people on chronic anxiety medication is staggering.  According to research by the Social Security Administration 95% of our society settles for less than what they want in life, wishes they had more, lives with regret never understanding that they could be, do and have all they want. Ninety-five percent of our society is not living the life they want. This means only 5% of us live with joy and a life of peace, fulfillment and freedom. Changing this is what makes me get up in the morning, fuels my mission and motivates me to share the one tool that helped me overcome disabling anxiety and find JOY.



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