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How Busy Families Can Connect and Instill Positivity in Kids

How Busy Families Can Connect and Instill Positivity in Kids

OH MY WORD provides a way for busy families to connect and instill positivity in kids.

Has life become so busy that you’re not connecting as deeply with your kids as you’d like to?


OH, MY WORD is a great way for parents to connect and prompt meaningful discussion with kids. It can be a fun and engaging conduit for discussing values, building a strong sense of self and navigating social situations. Ideal age is 8 – 12 years as teenagers may prefer to keep their OH, MY WORD journal personal. Suggested time is after dinner when the family can carve out 10 – 15 minutes of ‘connection’ time.

What you ‘ll need:

  • copy of OH, MY WORD for each family member
  • pencil crayons, wax crayons or gel pens


READ – THE FOUR PILLARS.  Focus on one per night. Parents can use examples from their own or family life to support the FOUR Pillars. Encourage discussion…ask kids for their thoughts and ideas. There are some pretty cool facts in the ‘thought’ section like how we can rewire our brain with the thoughts we think.

READ – THE INTENTIONS.  Choose ones that are age appropriate. To help kids think about intentions ask-What kind of person do you want to be? OR How would you like people to describe you? Encourage kids to brainstorm some of their own intentions (i.e. nice, friendly, strong, helpful, kind, fun, happy) and add to the lists in the book. When drawing in the journal intentions are most effective as a verb or made active so if necessary add a ‘be’ before the word (ie be nice).

READ – CHOOSING AN INTENTION. Parents can share experiences from their own lives (think ‘do-over’) where a having an ‘intention’ would have brought out their best self and likely a different outcome. What would the intention have been? Help the kids think of experiences in their lives where an intention might have changed an outcome.


Starting the daily ritual.

OH, MY WORD with kids is best done after dinner when connection time is possible. Suggest starting with the Reflections question – this will provide a look back at the day and frame it in a positive way before moving on.  Each family member then chooses an intention WORD that reflects the person they want to be and draws and colours their WORD. *Remember there is no right or wrong way to ‘draw’ the ‘daily page’ everything is totally A-OK, and it is totally fine to repeat the same word day after day until the author feels it’s time to move on.


‘What’s your word?” Everyone shares the intention WORD they chose and explains why. While it’s ok to ask questions the most important thing to remember is that this is a judgment free zone. Everyone must feel accepted for who they are, knowing we are all in a process of becoming our best selves.

What a fun way to build a positive sense of self


Because the OH, MY WORD family version is suggested at night instead of the morning the choosing of the intention is often a ‘look forward’ reflecting the person I choose to be now and tomorrow. For that reason, it’s a great idea to leave the journals open to the current page so that in the morning everyone is reminded of their WORD.

The thing for parents to remember is that everyone draws their page in their own unique way


OH MY WORD Journal


OH, MY WORD is a fun, engaging way to help kids become the very best person they can be. It instills the understanding that we are each choosing in every moment of every day who we will be, that we are responsible for the thoughts we think AND (most importantly) with those thoughts we are creating our reality

This empowers kids and adult alike to think thoughts that reflects their biggest dreams and highest intentions.

Please share our family’s experiences with OH, MY WORD I’d love to hear!



If you ever have any questions or just want to say hi email me at:

[email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you.



PS I wanted to share this with you it’s an email I received from a Dad of 2 girls….

“People who do this together will learn not only about themselves, but about each other… which will lead to better team building and family support and accountability. I think it is an achievable goal to set in modern busy family life. It offers an important and accessible meeting place for families who have had difficulty finding time and facility to be together and present for even just a few minutes a day. AND in doing so, we are all gradually manifesting our best selves…. a win on all levels! Thanks Cheryl”

Peter-Parksville, BC Canada

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